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Trade Winds Shifting

New patterns are disrupting global trade, altering relationships and reshaping international business practices. 

Award Winners

World's Best Pension Managers 2017

Pension managers are embracing new attitudes toward risk and adding high-level services as the needs of clients needs evolve.

Strategy Surpassing Returns

In a Q&A, NISA’s David Eichhorn explains how the rising importance of risk management is changing the pension business.

Global Salon

Country Report

Portugal Makes The Grade

Q&A: Adriana Alvarado, DBRS's Portugal expert, discusses the nation's vulnerabilities, long-term growth prospects and needed reforms.


Barclays Brought Before The Bench

The UK has brought criminal charges against Barclays and four former executives over deals made with Qatar in the depths of the 2008 financial crisis.

Japan Warms To China’s ‘One Belt’ Plan

Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe has expressed support for China’s massive One Belt, One Road infrastructure-upgrade plan. But his endorsement comes with a lot of ifs.


Corporate Finance & Capital

Tax Bends & Breaks

New rules could make it harder for companies to book profits in places with favorable tax rates.

Argentina Prepares Another Bond Issue

Encouraged by its successful bond sale in June, Argentina is planning another bond offer. But some experts are cautious ahead of October's midterm election.

SIBOS Supersection

SIBOS Supersection 2017 | Table of Contents

This year's supplement focuses on the key themes on the Sibos agenda, like open banking and its risks, co-location and cybersecurity, regtech and innovation, and spending smartly on tech.

Return To Toronto

Global Finance magazine’s annual supplement takes an in-depth look at cybersecurity, regtech, compliance, and other key themes facing banking and finance leaders.

Banks Wary Of Opening Up

Rules requiring banks to make client data available to third parties are taking shape, generating both trepidation and excitement in the fintech world.

Can Technology Ensure Compliance?

Regtech firms have new tools to help the financial industry meet stricter regulatory requirements and fight cyberthreats.

Cash Is The Enemy

Zelle is simplifying peer-to-peer digital payments in hopes of winning over mainstream mobile-banking customers.

Shifting Fortunes

Banking in the Asean region is being transformed by rising competition, regulation and fintech. 

Speed Or Safety?

As more companies outsource information management to the Cloud or colocation services, focus on data protection increases.

Special Report

Frontier Market Report

GCC Regional Report

Vision Amid The Turmoil

GCC economies are still a relative haven for foreign investors and a favored destination for direct investment, despite the drag of low oil prices.

Reform Efforts Move Ahead

A new crown prince is in a stronger position to implement the Saudi’s ambitious Vision 2030 program.

GCC Unity Cracks

The longer Qatar’s standoff from its Arab neighbors drags on, the worse the damage will be. 

GCC Mall Culture Meets The Future

With high per-capita incomes and strong mobile use, the GCC is poised for a surge in online shopping. Still, air-conditioned malls retain their allure.

GCC People Power

New approaches to labor management can help GCC economies wean themselves away from their energy dependence.