Custody Assets: 2013: $345.2 billion
                              2012: $312.9 billion

Ratings: Moody’s: Baa2; S&P: A-; Fitch: A                   

Client Profile: By Location: Clients are based throughout the North America, EMEA, Latin America, and Asia Pacific regions. By Investor Type: Consists of fund managers, corporations, insurance companies, financial institutions, healthcare institutions, not-for-profit organizations, foundations, endowments, public/government agencies, partnerships and foreign entities.

Number of Countries Served: 80+ markets including direct participants at DTCC, Federal Reserve, Euroclear, and Crest

Client Service DIFFERENTIATORS: Global custody services offers an end-to-end suite of solutions for clients securities and cash custody needs.  Cross-border investment activities are supported via our extensive global custody network. Being linked to the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Markets platform, we provide unparalleled access to the multitude of integrated services. Global custody leverages Bank of America Merrill Lynch securities and cash operations, platform, and network to provide you with the benefit of our firm’s expertise, efficiency, and scale.Our client service representatives provide a hands-on service located within client time zones.

Product Developments: Bank of America Merrill Lynch continues to enhance its global custody offering via a new integrated platform and portal with its Global Markets and Global Transaction Services departments. Additional recent developments include a strong focus on expanding our global custody network, SWIFT messaging, and reporting capabilities.

Innovative Technology: Our award winning CashPro® Online and Mercury™ portals put state-of-the-art reporting and instruction tools in clients’ hands, giving a holistic view of their business across both custody and other BAML services such as Cash Management, FX, and Prime Brokerage.

Outlook: Bank of America Merrill Lynch is committed to providing a robust and comprehensive custody service to its clients across the globe by continually investing in new diverse service and platform capabilities, and integrated offerings across transaction services and global markets. Through innovation and investment, including a focus on risk reduction and regulatory changes, our global custody offering helps clients become more proactive and efficient at managing their assets.

Kevin O’Connor, MD, Product Sales        
Global Custody & Agency Services          

Bank of America Tower, 1 Bryant Park,
New York, NY 10036

T: +1 646 855-1841, kevin.o’connor@baml.com 



CUSTODY ASSETS:  2012: $7,291 billion 
                                   2013: $8.055 billion

RATINGS: Moody’s: A1; S&P: A+; Fitch: A+

CLIENT PROFILE: By location: Our network is one of the most extensive in the industry, covering over 100 markets, with sub-custody proprietary locations in 26 markets. We bring together local insight and a global network to enable clients to maximize their market and investment opportunities worldwide. We successfully combine a 24/7 global operating model, accessible from any time zone, a multi-domestic presence, and one of the industry’s most comprehensive product offerings. Banking licenses around the world and our membership of industry bodies in all locations facilitate our client activities. By investor type: Our clients include asset managers, alternative fund managers, broker-dealers, arrangers, originators, issuers, pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth and government agencies, investment banks and banks. We provide our clients with a comprehensive set of post-trade solutions.

CAPABILITIES/SERVICES: With access to harmonised services, reporting and products across all markets, we deliver a consistent experience and first-class service across the globe. Our 8200 professionals of 92 nationalities across 34 countries provide a comprehensive range of services covering the entire investment cycle from global custody and fund administration to middle and back office outsourcing. Our solutions include securities lending, FX, cash and banking, trade execution, derivatives clearing and collateral management.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENTS: In order to enhance our clients’ performance, we continue to expand geographically, both through the extension of our on-the-ground presence across Asia-Pacific and Latin America and also through our on-going commitment to other significant international markets. We increase the focus on our clients: by deploying globally led strategies and resources and by shielding them from the market changes.

OUTLOOK: As globalisation, economic shifts and regulatory upheaval continue at a fast pace,we are committed to providing the global reach and value-added solutions our clients need to optimise the opportunities that change brings and continue to invest in our people and technology.


Charles Cock,

Head of Client Development
T:  +33 1 42 98 42 30, charles.cock@bnpparibas.com



Custody Assets: 2013: C$1.35 trillion
                              2012: C$1.23 trillion

Ratings: Moody’s: LongTerm Dep Rating:A1; Sh.Term Dep Rating: P-1; Long Term Issuer Rating: A1; Bank Financial Strength Rating: C+;  Outlook: Stable. DBRS: L/T Dep Rating: AA (Low); S/T Dep Rating: R-1 (Middle); Outlook: Stable.           

Profile of Clients by Percentage: By location: Canada: 94%  USA: 2%  Global: 4%  By investor type: Investment funds: 36%  Pension: 25%  Global Financial Institutions: 12%  Corporate: 9%  Insurance: 8%  Government: 6%  Other: 4%  Foreign: 6.1%  Domestic: 93.9%

Number of Countries Served:    22

Client Service Differentiators: Repeatedly recognized for its excellence in relationship management and customer service, we have company representatives across the country who can trouble-shoot problems should they arise.

Product Developments: CIBC Mellon rolled out its Corporate Actions online functionality feature for WorkbenchSM  in the spring of 2013. WorkbenchSM is CIBC Mellon’s online custody-related information delivery tool for clients. Clients often state that the corporate actions feature is perhaps the most important aspect of custody-related information they seek. Responding to corporate actions in a timely fashion is a critical component of effective portfolio investment management

Innovative Technology Platforms: CIBC Mellon’s U.S. parent, BNY Mellon, recently launched enhanced market and subcustodian intelligence accessible via new links called “Market Profiles” inside its Workbench custody-information delivery platform. In addition, CIBC Mellon launched a powerful, new web application specifically for investment fund company clients – named Data Edge Pro™. CIBC Mellon is the first custodian in Canada to develop a unitholder data management technology tool – like Data Edge Pro.

Outlook: CIBC Mellon’s assets under administration has grown 10% compounded annually over the last 5 years. Much of this growth has come from market gains in addition to new client additions.

Title: CIBC Mellon Trust Company (CMTC) which is a federally regulated financial institution, and supervised by the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Canada (OSFI). For regulatory capital purposes, CMTC has elected to apply the basic indicator approach for operational risk and the standardized approach for credit risk.  CMTC is a privately and jointly held company of CIBC and BNY Mellon.  

CIBC Mellon, 320 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada         
T: +1 416-643-5000; F: +1 416- 643-5630 




Custody Assets: 2013: €157 billion
                              2012: €159 billion

Ratings: Moody’s: Baa2; S&P: A-; Fitch: A (UniCredit Bank Austria AG)       

Profile of Clients: Global Custodians, Broker Dealers, Investment Funds, Pension Funds and Insurance Companies

Number of Countries Served: 13: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Ukraine

Client Service Differentiators:
  The leading securities services provider in CEE
•  Strongest provider in the region combined with a solid (universal bank) asset base, resulting in a top liquidity position and best credit coverage
•  Strong lobbying presence with over 100 market memberships
•  Single global operating model for cash and securities, based on a group-wide proprietary IT platform
•  Harmonised and continuously updated risk policy
•  Harmonised operational framework (settlement and corporate actions deadlines, corporate actions calendar, market profiles, account opening documentation)
•  Client workshops (market developments, T2S)

Product Developments & Innovative Technology Platforms: BusinessNet Securities provides our clients with an online multimarket and multicurrency overview of their assets in CEE. We support accurate and near real-time management of multiple portfolios and state of the art contingency capabilities.

Outlook: Constantly evolving our leading position in Central and Eastern Europe, we put high emphasis on investments in our people, products and services and IT developments. Our sophisticated client offering encompasses risk management and mitigation as a cornerstone, complemented by solutions for T2S and for future regulatory changes.


CONTACT: Sven Trahan
Head of Global Sales & Relationship Management 
UniCredit Global Securities Services
Julius Tandler Platz 3,
1090 Vienna, Austria
T: +43 50505 57311, sven.trahan@unicreditgroup.at