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Can Boosting Business Productivity Unleash New Gains?

In the past century, gains in productivity and living standards were made as a result of advances in technology. But where can we expect gains to come from in this century—and are they likely to be gradual or dramatic? The answer depends on whether you believe the optimists or the pessimists.


Corporate Finance In Retreat

Corporate Finance In Retreat

Global banks may be de-risking, but what are the implications for their corporate customers in those markets deemed undesirable as a result of the growing regulatory burden?

Deals Abound Despite Oil Plunge

Middle East Investment Banking
M&A tops charts as transaction prices moderate across the region, industries consolidate, and key nations pursue privatization.

Banks Face Us-Style Damages In Landmark Dubai Ruling

The Court of the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) awarded more than $70 million in damages last November to a wealthy Kuwaiti family to cover losses resulting from the sale of $200 million of structured investment products.

Warm FDI Welcome In Ghana

With oil revenues plunging, Ghana seeks to boost the inflow of foreign direct investment.


Caucasus Squeezed By The Bear

Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia are not masters of their own economic destinies, with events in Russia and the rest of the region casting a shadow over these countries’ efforts to boost economic and investor confidence.

Award Winners

Winners Profile - Best Treasury & Cash Management Providers 2016

Winners Profile - Best Treasury & Cash Management Providers 2016

Return To Coverage Global Winners Best Overall Bank for Cash Management Citi | Citi’s commitment to the Treasury and Trade Solutions (TTS) business is supported at the highest level, with CEO Michael Corbat recently calling it “the backbone of our ...

Africa Growth Spurs Advances: Patrick Gutmann, Ecobank

Return To Coverage   Global Finance: What are the the challenges for corporates dealing with payments and collections in Africa? Patrick Gutmann: For many of our corporate customers, be those midsize local corporates or the big ones like Coca-Cola or ...

The Best And Brightest In Trade Finance

Global Finance held its Best Trade Finance Providers Awards Ceremony in Paris in January during the BAFT Global Annual Meeting. Top bank executives from around the world gathered to accept awards, joined by leading corporate and finance professionals who came to honor their colleagues.

Fintech: The Tortoise And The Hare

The past year has seen major advances which, although only beginning to bud, are likely to have long-running ramifications for corporate treasury and cash management as they blossom and mature.

Investing In A Slow-Growth World: Shahrokh Moinian, Deutsche Bank

Global Finance: What impact is regulation having on treasury operations? Shahrokh Moinian: A starting point was Basel III. Some banks need to reshape their balance sheets, which potentially leads to higher costs of borrowing for corporations. In reality, large corporations ...

Global Salon

Filling A Niche In Payments

Scott Galit is the CEO of Payoneer, a leading private financial services company focused on digital money transfers and e-commerce payments. He sat down with Global Finance to discuss challenges and opportunities in the space for emerging financial technologies and traditional banks alike.

Country Report

Angola Has A Fork In The Road

Riding the commodities boom, Angola’s economy seemed invincible against recent global shocks. But the current slump in oil prices is forcing the country to rethink its dependence on oil.

Strengthening The Financial System

José Pedro de Morais, governor of Banco Nacional de Angola, spoke with Global Finance about the central bank’s efforts to restore order and build confidence in the country’s financial system.


P2P Scam Heightens Scrutiny Of Sector

P2P Scam Heightens Scrutiny Of Sector

Chinese authorities arrested executives from online peer-to-peer (P2P) lending company eZubao in early February after the company stole an estimated $7.6 billion from 900,000 investors.

Nigeria Finally Embraces Economic Diversification

No longer just a buzzword bandied about by politicians, diversification is now seen as a key to the future of Africa’s biggest economy, as sinking oil prices have eroded government revenue.

Is Singapore Headed For Recession?

Singapore could face a technical recession in the first half of this year as plunging oil prices and a drop in China’s appetite for imports weigh on the city-state’s economy.

Zika A Public Health, Not An Economic, Crisis

Economists don’t anticipate a major economic impact from the mosquito-born Zika virus—so far, at least—although it’s certainly a kick in the shins for struggling Brazil and an overhang for tourism in Latin America.


New Economy Minister Faces Rocky Path

New Economy Minister Faces Rocky Path

With Japan still struggling to achieve economic lift-off, longtime Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) hand Nobuteru Ishihara took over as the country’s Economy minister in late January.

Bastian Takes The Reins At Delta

Delta Air Lines, one of the world’s largest carriers, announced in January that its president, Ed Bastian, will take over as chief executive in May. He replaces industry veteran Richard Anderson, who will become Delta’s executive chairman.


Key Trends In The Money Transfer Industry for 2016

Key Trends In The Money Transfer Industry for 2016

2016 promises to be an exciting year for the money transfer industry, with the
possibility of new opportunities in terms of newer ways to reach the customer,
and newer markets to cater to. This would translate to the emergence of new
business models and business alliances. The year is likely to see incumbent
players challenged by newer players with new market offerings.

Corporate Finance & Capital

India Bets Big On Start-Up Companies

Trends | Startup Investment
India is on the cusp of a “start-up” revolution, with prime minister Narendra Modi unveiling a dedicated $1.5 billion seed fund and tax breaks to help develop technology and other microenterprises.

Corporate Boards Strengthen Cyberexpertise

Management | Cybersecurity
Multinational corporations face rising IT challenges and cyberattacks. Retailer Target, office supply chain store Staples and global banking powerhouse JPMorgan Chase are just a few major companies that have recently been hacked—and that have sustained financial costs and damage to their reputations as a result.

Banks Look To Enhance Cross-Border Payments Transparency

Capital Markets | Cross-Border Payments
Forty-five international banks have teamed up with the financial messaging provider Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT) to launch an initiative aimed at making cross-border payments faster and more transparent.

Sell-Off No Quick Fix For Russia’s Budget Deficit

Capital Markets | Privatization
Russian president Vladimir Putin is pinning his hopes on privatization to help ease Russia’s 2016 budget deficit, which, according to some estimates, could reach $38 billion, or 6% of GDP.

‘SIFI’ Label For Nonfinancial Firms In Jeopardy

‘SIFI’ Label For Nonfinancial Firms In Jeopardy

Trends | Financial Regulation 
American insurance giant MetLife has doubled down on its efforts to skirt the heavier regulatory burden that comes with being labeled a Systemically Important Financial Institution.

New Bill May Be Last Hope For Debt-Ridden Puerto Rico

Capital Markets | Debt Restructuring
Americans used to like Puerto Rico, a United States territory in the Caribbean, not only for its white, sandy beaches but also because of its high-yield, tax-free bonds.

Activist Investors Target Banks

Management | Shareholder Activism
Activist investors are knocking more loudly at banks’ doors. According to Thomson Reuters data, in 2015, activists launched 97 campaigns aimed at the US financial sector, 22 of them targeting banks.

FED To Examine Negative Rates For Us

Capital Markets | Fixed Income
Now that Japan has joined Europe in adopting negative interest rates, could below-zero rates become a policy option for the Federal Reserve?