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Genius Or Lunacy, US Tax Plans Will Have Global Impact

People, businesses and governments around the world are looking anxiously toward Washington these days, trying to read the mind of the new president, Donald Trump, and the soul of the new Congress for changes that might affect them.

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Bankers Talk Shop And Take Prizes

Bankers Talk Shop And Take Prizes

The title—“Back to the Future?”—was possibly a little mischievous, given recent political trends; yet the discussions at this year’s Bankers Association for Finance and Trade (BAFT) Europe Bank-to-Bank Forum were anything but impish.

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China: Behind the Numbers

Global Finance: What economic indicators does your firm focus on in China? Leland Miller: Growth alone is not a good indicator, due to China’s borrowing and spending. Additionally, GDP information can be easily manipulated and numbers are not transparent. We ...

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Angola: No Quick Fixes

With its currency battered and government revenue down to historic lows, Angola, Africa’s largest oil producer, must now address the fundamental causes of its macroeconomic imbalances. 

Paraguay: Making The Right Moves

Paraguay has emerged from the shadows of its larger neighbors Brazil and Argentina to become the “little China” of South America. Its against-the-odds economic success story is sustained by an investment-friendly climate and strong fiscal discipline.


CETA Hails New Era Of Bilateral Trade Deals

The long-awaited Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) between the European Union and Canada was approved by the European Parliament in mid-February.

Protests In Bucharest Curb Election Winners

Even by the Balkans’ standards, the honeymoon accorded Romania’s new Social Democratic Party (PSD) government was brief after the party’s victory in the December 11 elections.

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Temer To Ram Through Unpopular Reforms

Brazil’s administration faces an approval rating of only 10.3% and the unpredictable course of corruption investigations. But president Michel Temer still has a major opportunity to get Congress this year to approve his ambitious and unpopular austerity reforms of social security, labor laws, and the opening of rural land and domestic airline sectors to foreign investors.

Google Alum Brings Digital Vision To Mattel

Margaret Georgiadis, a former Google executive, joined Mattel in February as its new CEO. Mattel is one of the world’s largest toy companies and the executive leadership change comes at a time of substantive growth for the global toys industry.

Tough Times For The Brexit Queen

Ever since Theresa May became Britain’s prime minister in the wake of last year’s fateful EU referendum, she has sought to define herself—and her government—as something more than just the executors of the “people’s will” in carrying out Brexit.

Deficit Hawk In Line For US Treasury Role

David Malpass was one of Donald Trump’s key economic advisors before the election. He is tipped to be appointed soon as US Treasury undersecretary for international affairs.

Corporate Finance & Capital

Emerging Markets IPOs Flourish Despite Unknowns

Amid concerns surrounding the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Mexican tequila maker Jose Cuervo recently priced a hefty $790 million initial public offering (IPO), the country’s biggest since 2013.

Major Retailers Play Executive Musical Chairs

From upscale department store Neiman Marcus to organic grocer Whole Foods, major luxury retailers and grocery chains are playing musical chairs in C-suites and boardrooms as they streamline management and change creative roles amid declining in-store sales.

Voice Control For Safe Banking

By adding voice commands to its SmartBank app, Santander claims to be the first bank in the UK to allow customers to make payments in real time using their voice.

European Mobile Bank Expands Via Collaboration

Just months after receiving its banking license, Berlin-headquartered mobile-only bank N26 is active in 17 eurozone countries. The rapid rollout was made possible by N26 linking up with innovative partners, including TransferWise (intercurrency transfers), Vaamo (N26 Invest) and Barzahlen (Cash26).

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Regional Report

The Caucasus: Signs Of Spring?

Last year, after a difficult 2015, it seemed that just about everything that could go wrong for the South Caucasus actually did. In April, simmering tensions between Azerbaijan and Armenia over the contested region of Armenian-occupied Nagorno-Karabakh exploded into renewed ...

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