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The New Money Era

The New Money Era

Central bankers seem to be changing their minds about the potential of digital fiat currencies.


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Opening The Technology Gates

Opening The Technology Gates

Alessandro Petroni, head of Strategy and Solutions for Financial Services at Red Hat, a leading provider of open source technology, recently spoke with Global Finance about the burgeoning open source community and what it means for banking and businesses generally.

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The Race To The Top

The Race To The Top

UK fintech's reputation for innovation and disruption is coming under threat from other sectors.


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Tough Deal: Q&A With Colombian Airline Avianca's CEO And CFO

Colombian airline Avianca, Latin America’s second-largest in both fleet size and revenue, has been flying through some turbulence. Airbus recently claimed Avianca executives demanded kickbacks, and major shareholder German Efromovich says he’s close to winning a bitter lawsuit against lender United Airlines and shareholder Kingsland Holdings for ousting him as chairman. CEO Anko van der Werff and CFO Adrian Neuhauser tell Global Finance about raising money and finding smoother skies.