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Stronger, With Risk Of A Relapse

A checkup on the health of global banks shows an industry in recovery but still threatened by rapidly changing externalities.

Award Winners

Best Bank Awards 2017

Best Bank Awards 2017

An overview of our analysis and coverage of the World's Best Banks, as Global Finance marks its twenty-fourth year giving these awards.

The World's Best Banks 2017

Global Finance names the winners of its 24th annual awards for the World’s Best Banks, by region and by country

Thinking Forward

ING, long a pioneer in direct banking, is planning for a digital future that chairman and CEO Ralph Hamers says will transform the experience of both retail and wholesale customers.

Building On Improvements

With Latin growth poised to accelerate, Santander is positioned to benefit from improved growth and stability, says Antonio Cortina, deputy director of economic research

Embracing Prudence

CEO Nemeh Sabbagh talks to Global Finance about how Arab Bank combines careful management with innovation in a region facing a challenging environment.

Growing With Startups

Sim Tshabalala, joint group chief executive of Standard Bank, explains how the continent’s biggest bank will benefit from Africa’s coming renewal.

Q&A with Al Baraka: Cracking Africa

Al Baraka Banking Group is expanding into new markets and seeking greater share in its home countries, says Adnan Ahmed Yousif, chairman and chief executive.

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Country Report

Turkey’s Way Forward

With the presidential referendum finally over, Turkish business wants to see its government get back to probusiness reforms.

Taiwan: Where To Now?

Taiwan faces growing competition in manufacturing, and relations with Beijing are strained; yet its savvy citizens may benefit from political and economic flux worldwide.



Corporate Finance & Capital

Are Clawbacks Coming Back?

After Wells Fargo forced two senior executives to pay back $75 million in compensation, other companies are rethinking clawback clauses—which experts say are effective governance mechanism.  

Risky REFI Do-Overs For Corporate Finance

With interest rates insanely low, many corporate borrowers have been refinancing with leveraged loans—despite significant risks—and investors are eagerly snapping up the debt

Alipay Seeks Growth From Traveling Chinese

Alipay is partnering with banks around the world to provide its Chinese customers with seamless service at their preferred tourist destinations, with Italy’s UniCredit Bank following France’s BNP Paribas and Barclays in the UK.

Special Report

The Future Of African Banking

African financial institutions are tapping into technology to expand and consolidate as the banking sector matures.

African Banking’s Transitional Moment

Patrick Akinwuntan, group executive director of Ecobank Transnational, explains the bank’s plans to use mobile technology to vastly expand its customer base in the 33  African countries in which it operates

Frontier Market Report

Bahrain Diversifies To Draw FDI

Bahrain Diversifies To Draw FDI

After ratings downgrades a year ago, the Kingdom of Bahrain has worked to diversify revenue sources while maximizing the benefits of its strong relationship with Saudi Arabia.

Regional Report