Author: Gordon Platt



Potash Producer Loves Green Shoots In Global Economy.




Israel Chemicals is one of the best-positioned potash producers in the world, given its exclusive concession from the Israeli government to extract a seemingly endless supply of minerals from the Dead Sea. The company also mines the Negev Desert for phosphate rock and limestone, and it is a leading global supplier of fertilizers and specialty chemicals.


While fertilizer demand and prices were hit hard by the global recession, a significant rebound is possible in 2010, as distributors rebuild potash inventories and farmers seek to increase global crop yields.


Israel Chemicals (ICL) is the second-largest company traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange after Teva Pharmaceuticals. The Israeli government holds a “special state share,” giving the government certain veto rights.


ICL is a major supplier of magnesium to global markets for use in aluminum, titanium and steel production. Its 65%-owned joint venture with Volkswagen produces pure metal magnesium and magnesium alloys.


ICL is also the world’s leading producer of bromine, which is used in the production of flame-retardant chemicals and other applications. ICL supplies clear brine fluids to the oil and gas drilling industry. Its chemicals have approximately 4,000 downstream applications.


The company has expanded its operations abroad since it acquired a German chemical manufacturer in 1977. ICL owns and operates underground mines in Spain, the UK, China, the US and elsewhere. It also owns and operates transportation and logistics companies in Israel and around the world.