Author: Dan Keeler


November 2010 | Vol. 24 No. 10

With the world still reeling from the beating it took during the financial crisis and with many countries rashly—and bafflingly—talking their way into what threaten to be costly and damaging currency confrontations, it is refreshing to encounter a nation that is single-mindedly focused on a positive—and more noble—goal: making life better for all its citizens. As we read in our cover story this month, Kenya is remaking itself politically, economically and socially in an effort to forge a fair and prosperous society.

As it turns its back on its troubled past, but remains mindful of the lessons learned during the crisis, Kenya is also blazing a trail that many other nations—emerging and developed—might want to follow. Its goals are lofty, and achieving them will be tremendously challenging, but Kenya's unwavering focus on transparency, inclusiveness and equality of opportunity will help it ensure its development is sustainable—socially and environmentally. Those who believe that capitalism and a commitment to social welfare can coexist peacefully will be hoping Kenya realizes its bold vision.

Until next month.

Dan Keeler