Author: Gordon Platt


James Bindler

Head of G10 Foreign Exchange
Bindler is responsible for all foreign exchange sales and trading in the G10 developed markets at Citi. A member of the London Foreign Exchange Joint Standing Committee, hosted by the Bank of England, he first joined Citi in 1990 on the FX options desk. He was a multi-asset proprietary trader at NatWest Markets from 1997 to 2000, before returning to Citi. Prior to his current position, Bindler was head of trading for Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and global head of FX options.

Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Kieran Salter

Global head of FX
Salter has global responsibility for all foreign exchange trading and sales. He began his career in FX sales at Lehman Brothers and has worked for a number of banks, most recently Crédit Agricole, where he was head of foreign exchange sales.

DBS Bank

Peter Soh

Managing director & head of foreign exchange
Soh was named managing director in 2005 and has been with DBS since 1989. Within Singapore and the Southeast Asia region, DBS has an estimated 20% market share in the FX market.

DBS Bank (Hong Kong)

Conrad Kwok

Managing director & head of trading and FX derivatives
Kwok is managing director of treasury and markets at DBS’s Hong Kong branch and was appointed head of trading in 2011. He joined DBS in 2000. Prior to that, he spent 11 years at Chase Manhattan Bank in Singapore and Tokyo.

Deutsche Bank

Zar Amrolia

Managing director & co-head of fixed income and currencies
Amrolia has been instrumental in implementing Deutsche Bank’s electronic trading capabilities. Last year the bank introduced Autobahn Mobile, giving investors access to trading data and research via mobile devices. Amrolia is a member of the FX Committees of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Bank of England.


Wolfgang Koester

Koester founded of FiREapps, a leader in FX exposure management that enables multinational corporations to identify, analyze and manage FX risk. Koester is a board member of ACI International, the Financial Markets Association.

Foreign Exchange Analytics

David Gilmore

Partner & economist
Gilmore is responsible for managing  fundamental coverage. Before founding the FX advisory service for institutional traders in 1994, he spent seven years providing online commentary with MCM/CurrencyWatch and MMS International.

Fortress Investment Group

Jeff Feig

Co-president of liquid markets, and co-chief investment officer of the Fortress Macro Fund
Feig joined the New York–based global investment manager Fortress in June from Citi, where he was managing director and global head of G10 FX. Fortress’s liquid-markets business includes the firm’s macro funds, which invest across products and geographies, as well as a fund-of-funds. A native of Toronto, Feig joined a Citi predecessor in 1989 as an associate on the FX desk.