Awards recognizing the strongest banks in China, as Chinese bankers take leading roles on the global stage. 

Author: Thomas Clouse

Infrastructure Lending

BNP Paribas

China’s tremendous investments in infrastructure have facilitated its economic rise and are likely to increase, both within and beyond its borders, as part of the country’s One Belt, One Road initiative. A top bank globally for infrastructure finance, BNP Paribas capitalized on its experience to participate in China-related infrastructure finance projects: serving as joint bookrunner of the euro tranche on BOCs 2015 four-currency, six-tranche, $3.5 billion One Belt, One Road bond.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Goldman Sachs

China’s outbound M&A totaled $135.3 billion in the first half of 2016, far surpassing the annual record of $107 billion set in 2015, says Dealogic. Goldman Sachs, the largest M&A adviser globally so far this year, capitalized on its status and extensive experience to advise on 17 China-related deals worth $81.5 billion through June. This figure ranks behind only domestic firm CICC. Goldman also worked on the most China-related deals among foreign banks in 2015.

Debt Bank


HSBC has stayed at the forefront of renminbi internationalization, and, as part of that drive, has introduced Chinese-denominated bond products to various world markets. In 2012 the London-based bank offered the first renminbi-denominated bond, or dim sum bond, on the London exchange and was among the first to offer dim sum bonds in Singapore. Last year HSBC passed another milestone when it, along with an offshore unit of Bank of China, became the first foreign commercial bank to issue bonds in China.

Small-Business Lending

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered branded itself as China’s go-to foreign bank for small-business lending. The UK-based bank hosts SME training sessions and an annual award program, and in 2014 launched an SME confidence index. The bank’s Smart Business Account builds on the bank’s strengths in transactional banking to open channels for China’s smaller entrepreneurs to reach new customers around the world.

Supply Chain Finance

Standard Chartered

Standard Chartered takes an innovative approach to supply chain finance in China by identifying specific anchor clients and tailoring its products to the many companies with which the anchor client interacts. The process improves efficiency throughout the supply chain by speeding up transactions, freeing up working capital and reducing risks. Currently the bank serves 36 anchor clients with almost 500 supply chains. Outstanding renminbi services and cross-trade settlement capabilities enhance the bank’s supply chain services.


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