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Q&A With Bing And Harrison Li of ICBC Asset Management (Global)

Last year, ICBC consolidated several asset management operations to create ICBC Asset Management (Global). Bing Li, who leads product development for the new entity, and Harrison Li, who leads global asset management for ICBC, talk about the new entity and its role in supporting the wider ambitions of the bank—and of China itself.

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World's Safest Banks 2018

The World's Safest Banks 2018

The key factor shaking up the rankings this year is the tightening of regulatory oversight worldwide.

Biggest Emerging Market Banks 2018

China has the world’s biggest banks, so it’s no surprise that it leads the emerging markets rankings. The rest of the BRICs are well represented, too.

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Spain Takes A Breather

A slowdown in GDP growth still leaves Spain outperforming the rest of the eurozone. But will turmoil in Catalonia dampen spirits?


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Banking On Tech

How far will MENA banks go in embracing digital innovation? Global Finance’s Dubai conference explored various approaches to rapid change in the banking sector.