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June 4, 2015


Susan Berger


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In the September issue, Global Finance will publish its selections for the World’s Best Asset Managers For Corporates 2015.

With around $7 trillion in cash on the balance sheets of global corporates, treasury and investment managers are increasingly seeking outside help to manage their excess cash. Since the Global Financial Crisis of 2008-2009, much of the focus has been on minimizing risk and preserving capital. But increasingly, as global conditions slowly improve, companies are looking to glean some return on their portfolios.

But treasury and finance departments have become increasingly lean and often have minimal internal resources available for complex investment analysis, so investment professionals now rely more than ever on the advice and assistance of outside managers to meet the portfolio guidelines set by their Board and internal investment committees.

With these awards, we recognize those asset managers that excel at executing on discretionary mandates from nonfinancial corporations. We evaluate asset managers that provide the richest range of services and solutions geared at corporations, and how they best meet the needs of the internal investment operations of nonfinancial corporations.

Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the review process.

It is not necessary to enter in order to win, but experience shows an entry increases the chance of success. In many cases, providers are able to present information and perspectives that may not be readily available to the editors of Global Finance.

Performance will be judged over the period covering January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2014.

Global Finance will also make use of market research and obtain input from industry analysts, corporate executives and other users of asset management services.

Winners will be recognized in the following categories, regions and countries:

Global Awards

  Best Independent

Best Manager Based In Emerging Markets

  Best Bank

Best Manager Based In Frontier Markets

  Most Innovative

Best ESG/SRI Manager

  Best Onshore RMB Manager

Best Islamic Manager

  Best Offshore RMB Manager

Best Analytics/Reporting

Regional Awards

  North America



  Western Europe

Latin America

Middle East

  Nordic Region



Country Awards

  Australia Czech Republic Ireland Norway Spain
  Austria Denmark Israel Poland Sweden
  Bahrain Egypt Italy Portugal Switzerland
  Belgium Finland Japan Qatar Taiwan
  Brazil France Kuwait Russia Thailand
  Canada Germany Malaysia Saudi Arabia Turkey
  China Greece Mexico Singapore UAE
  Chile Hong Kong Netherlands South Africa United Kingdom
  Colombia Hungary New Zealand

South Korea

United States
  Cyprus India Nigeria

Those making submissions should provide concise information in the following areas:

1. Please answer the following questions:

  • Do you currently manage mandates for nonfinancial corporations?
  • What portion of AUM is dedicated to this segment?
  • Do you currently manage mandates for nonfinancial corporations’ assets—excluding pension funds and short-term corporate liquidity?
  • What portion of AUM is dedicated to this segment?
  • How do you market your services to this segment?
  • Please provide examples of current mandates for nonfinancial corporations.

2. Key financials—including ROI, earnings and income growth year-on-year.

3. Details of market penetration—including assets under management, market share, new mandates won (and business retained) and other comparisons with competitors.

4. Details of key capabilities and services offered—including range of portfolio products and allocation/investment strategies, tailored solutions, reporting and valuation, analytics and personnel.

5. Customer service—submit customer endorsements (Global Finance may make further contacts for additional information).

6. Competitiveness—submit data demonstrating competitive fee structure/ROI, innovation and evidence of commitment to the business.

7. Knowledge of local markets, regulations and practices, and market-specific services and solutions.

8. Please provide the information below as a cover sheet with your submission to ensure that it is processed properly.

Cover Sheet



Category(ies) Being Submitted For (Global | Regional | Country):

Submission Contact-Name | Title | eMail:

Line Of Business Head-Name | Title | eMail:

Marketing Communications Contact-Name | Title | eMail:


Submissions should be made no later than June 4, 2015 and sent to:

Susan Berger, email:
Mailing address: Global Finance, 7 East 20th Street, New York NY 10003