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May 15, 2017

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World’s Most Innovative Digital Banks - New For 2017!

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Global Finance’s World’s Best Digital Bank Awards are the undisputed authority on the world’s leading digital banking service providers. Now in their 18th year, these awards are the most prestigious honor in the industry, and winners gain a strong advantage and marketing edge over their competition.

The distinction of being among Global Finance’s Best Digital Banks allows honorees to stand out within their own organizations, leading to improved staff recruiting, retention and personal recognition.

Winners will be showcased in Global Finance’s September and December 2017 issues and online at Our Digital Bank Conference and Awards Dinner will be held in London on 2nd November at RSA House. London is a global hub of new financial technology developments, so it is particularly appropriate to celebrate our honorees in the location where the future of digital banking is taking shape.

World's Most Innovative Digital Bank - New Awards Category For 2017

For the 2017 Digital Bank Awards, Global Finance has added the new honor of Most Innovative Digital Bank to our regional sub-categories and overall global awards.

Digital banking is driven by innovation and this award will give banks that are ahead of the curve the chance to get credit for advances that may change the landscape in years to come.

We are confident that the Most Innovative Digital Bank Award will be among the most important and sought-after honors we bestow.

Digital Banks of Distinction

Global Finance's World’s Best Digital Bank competition draws entries from global and regional giants in addition to middle-market and local banks. Larger banks often win awards because they are able to spread greater investment over more countries than middle market and local banks. This may leave the outstanding accomplishments of some local banks unrecognized.

To address this imbalance, in 2016, Global Finance instituted the Digital Bank of Distinction Awards – a new level of recognition for middle-market and local banks only. In 2016, ten banks received the Digtal Bank of Distinction Award.

The methodology is as follows: Banks will be sorted by asset size within regions. Banks from the lower half of the asset ranking will be eligible for the regional Digital Bank of Distinction Award. Digital Bank of Distinction Award winners will be selected on the basis of the quality of their entries. The Digital Bank of Distinction Award will be in addition to the global, regional and country awards.

There is no need to enter separately for the Digital Bank of Distinction Awards awards. All entering banks will be considered based on their assets and quality of submission for the Digital Bank of Distinction Award.