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March 8, 2016


Giulia Cattani,
tel: 44-207-929-0777

In June 2016, Global Finance will publish its selections for its 9th annual World’s Best Islamic Financial Institutions awards.

Submissions are due by March 8, 2016.

Global Finance will recognize the best Islamic financial institutions in the categories, regions and 35 countries listed below.

Take advantage of this opportunity to participate in the review process

It is not necessary to enter in order to win, but experience shows an entry significantly increases the chance of success. In many cases, providers are able to present information and perspectives that may not be readily available to the editors of Global Finance.

Global Finance will also obtain input from industry experts, corporate executives, investors and consultants. Performance will be judged over the period covering January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2015.

Those making submissions should provide concise information in the following areas:
  1. Volume, market share and geographical coverage – submit data to describe the scale of your Islamic financing operations, including any league tables or other comparisons with competitors
  2. Financial strength and security - please provide data demonstrating the institution’s financial strength, security and longevity, such as your latest financial data, annual reports and latest financial statements
  3. Commitment to the business – submit data on the number of employees dedicated to Islamic financing and capabilities in specific products
  4. Technology – examples of leading-edge technology deployment
  5. Range of products and innovation
  6. Fees, profits and return on assets
  7. Please include the information below on a cover sheet to accompany your submission to ensure that it is correctly processed

All entries will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used to evaluate the submitting bank’s suitability for an award. Submit any information you think strengthens your case. Please be clear and specific about any information you provide that is not meant for publication.

Submissions should be made no later than 8 March, 2016 and sent to:

Giulia Cattani |
Global Finance,
7 East 20th Street,
New York, NY 10003

Cover Letter

  • Bank:
  • Award(s):
  • Country(ies)/Region(s) Being Submitted For:
  • Submission Contact Name/Title:
  • Submission Contact eMail:
  • Line Of Business Head Name/Title:
  • Line Of Business Head eMail:
  • Marketing/Communications Contact Name/Title:
  • Marketing/Communications Contact eMail:
  • Notes:

Award Types


Best Islamic Financial Institution Best Islamic Financial Institution for Large Corporates
Best Sukuk Bank  Best Islamic Asset Management Company 
Best Bank for Islamic IPOs Best Shariah-Compliant Index Provider
Best Islamic Retail Bank  Best Islamic Trade Finance Provider
Best Islamic Investment Bank  Best Islamic Project Finance Provider 
Best Islamic Custodian  Best Islamic Commodities Provider 
Best Provider of Shariah-Compliant Funds Best Islamic Real Estate Finance Provider 
Best Provider of Shariah-Compliant Short-Term Investments Best Up-and-Coming Islamic Financial Institution
Best Islamic Financial Institution for SMEs Best Islamic Financial Centre
  Best Stock Exchange For Shariah-Compliant Listings



Sukuk Deal of the Year

Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) 
IPO/Equity Deal of the Year Non-GCC Middle East/North Africa 
Real Estate Deal of the Year Asia-Pacific 


Afghanistan  Kazakhstan  Saudi Arabia 
Albania  Kuwait  Singapore 
Algeria  Lebanon  South Africa 
Bahrain  Malaysia  Sri Lanka 
Bangladesh  Morocco  Switzerland
Brunei Darussalam Nigeria  Thailand 
Canada Oman  Tunisia
Egypt  Pakistan  Turkey 
India Palestine  UAE 
Indonesia  Philippines  United Kingdom 
Iran Qatar  United States 
Jordan    Yemen 


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