Submission Information

Oct. 14, 2014


Katharine Frey

Global Finance
7 East 20th Street, 2nd Fl
New York, NY 10003

The editors of Global Finance present a webcast detailing the call-for-entries process for the Best Foreign Exchange Provider Awards, the judging criteria and strategies for making entries stand out.


Best Foreign Exchange Provider Awards 2015 Call for Entries with Detailed Data on Selection Process

In January 2015, Global Finance will publish its selections for the World’s Best Foreign Exchange Providers. Global Finance will select the best foreign exchange banks in 93 countries and 9 global regions, as well as the best online foreign exchange trading systems and the best banks for foreign exchange research.

Here is your opportunity to participate in the review process. Global Finance will obtain input from industry experts, corporate executives, investors and consultants. Banks and trading systems are welcome to present information and perspectives that may not be readily available to Global Finance. Performance will be judged over the period Q4 2013 through Q3 2014. It is not necessary to enter in order to win, but entries often include information that leads to an award.

NEW FOR 2015:  

This year, we have also included a file detailing data used to select both regional and country winners.  All of the information found on the detailed data file attached here will be treated as confidential for the purpose of evaluating potential award winners for Global Finance's World's Best Foreign Exchange Providers 2015.