In a hypercompetitive environment, with nonbanks threatening to erode bank dominance and regulators ratcheting up scrutiny, only the strongest, most agile and more stable institutions prevail.

Author: Anita Hawser


Global Winners

Best Overall Bank for Cash Management


With a presence in more than 100 markets, memberships in hundreds of clearing systems and the ability to transact and do business in a multitude of currencies and countries, Citi's global footprint and expertise is unrivaled among global cash management banks. The US-headquartered bank aims to stay ahead of its rivals by investing in its Innovation Labs in Dublin and Singapore. Citi labs provide an environment in which clients can “test drive” the latest transaction banking solutions. The labs have given rise to various analytics applications to help clients better manage their cash and working capital and benchmarking analysis specifically designed to evaluate treasury practices to help mitigate risks and maximize shareholder value.


Best Bank for Liquidity Management


Citi Treasury Diagnostics Benchmarking Service provides independent benchmarking on treasury practices. A company's performance across six metrics, including liquidity and working capital management, is measured against its peers, to help identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement. To help companies make better informed liquidity management and investment decisions, Citi provides a range of analytics tools that leverage Big Data. For example, TreasuryVision Analytics offers aggregated balances and analytics trending, which is conveniently grouped by bank liquidity structure, such as multi-currency pool, single currency pool and cash concentration. Treasurers can also use the tool to visualize accounts and their relationships to one another.


Best Provider of Money Market Funds

J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Investors are re-evaluating their liquidity and investment strategies in view of the Securities and Exchange Commission and EU reforms of money market funds. As one of the largest asset and wealth managers in the world, with assets under management of $1.8 trillion (as of Sept. 30, 2016), J.P. Morgan Asset Management is well placed to advise treasurers on how the new rules are likely to impact them. The firm's Global Cash Portal enables treasurers to more easily trade and manage their investments.


Best Bank for Payments & Collections

Standard Chartered

The bank provides tools that enable treasurers to streamline their payables, including central initiation of all domestic and cross-border payments. Through the bank, clients can access more than 100 clearing systems globally. Foreign exchange is integrated with payments and mobile money, and on-site check printing enable companies to more easily migrate to electronic forms of payment. Standard Chartered was one of the early adopters of virtual accounts to help treasurers gain real-time visibility of their cash positions and control account management centrally. Virtual accounts also eliminate the need to open additional bank accounts, which aids the reconciliation process and reduces costs. Clients can benefit by using a single account to make payments to regional offices and factories.


Best White Label Systems Provider

BNY Mellon

With a dedicated white-labelling business, BNY Mellon leads the market when it comes to the provision of private label treasury management solutions. Its private-label offering for banks encompasses a range of payables and receivables solutions, including remittances, electronic bill presentment, accounts receivable, global mass payments, remote lockbox deposit, ACH/wire, cash concentration and foreign currency accounts, as well as file transfer and data translation services.


Best Bank for Working Capital Optimization


Citi provides a range of data and analytics solutions to help treasurers optimize their cash and working capital. Citi Treasury Diagnostics Benchmarking Service provides companies with diagnostic information to help them improve their working capital performance relative to their peers. Citi Working Capital Analytics, which was developed in the bank's Innovation Lab in Singapore in collaboration with customers, combines a company's accounts payable data with Citi's proprietary intelligence, diagnostic capabilities, visualization and real-time interactive features to deliver enhanced insights into a company's supply chain.


Best Bank for Financial Institutions

BNY Mellon

According to BNY Mellon’s biannual client support survey, its Treasury Services business ranks highly among bank customers for ease of doing business and accessibility. BNY Mellon provides a wide range of services for banks encompassing payments (US dollar clearing, multicurrency funds transfer) cash and accounts payable, trade finance and liquidity services (cash concentration and investment services). The bank says it processes $400 trillion payments per year with a 99.9% accuracy rate and boasts a network of more than 2,000 correspondent bank accounts worldwide.