KfW 'World's Safest Bank' for 2017

Lutz-Christian Funke, executive director of KfW, The World’s Safest Bank for several consecutive years, discusses with GFMag editor Andrea Fiano Germany’s political balancing act and economic stability, Europe’s refugee problem, and KfW’s collaborations with other European banks and political agencies.

The Innovators 2017

The Innovators 2017

Global Finance magazine's anniversary special issue on Innovation includes our awards for top Innovators in Finance of 2017, as well as a look back at the top innovations of the last 30 years and a look ahead to what the future of finance portends. 

Flux Favors Innovation

It’s been another crazy year, with Brexit, the election of Donald Trump as US president, tensions building up with Russia, continued strife and displacement in Syria and rising tensions in Asia, all of which are affecting global markets.