Middle East Supplement 2018

Middle East Supplement 2018

Across the Middle East, where more than half of the population is under the age of 24, educational systems are strained and unemployment rates are high. Even in the oil-rich Gulf, fiscal pressures from lower hydrocarbon revenues are forcing governments to cut back on the largesse their citizens have come to expect.

MENA: Dipping Into Digital

Digital banking, cryptocurrencies, ecommerce and fintech start-ups—2017 was a record year for digital investments in the MENA region. But there’s wide variation between countries.  

Is Lebanon The New Greece?

The war in neighboring Syria has taken its toll on Lebanon’s economy, which is demonstrating lackluster growth and high levels of public debt. Could the upcoming May parliamentary elections restore growth and investor confidence? 

Mideast Markets Curb Appeal

Following a period of relatively subdued infrastructure and real estate activity, 2017 was a better year in the Middle East; and 2018 should record more improvement. Transport-related projects remain essential to the region’s growth, but the most crucial area remains ...

Egypt's Recovery Room

Egypt is leading the region’s economic rebound, with special attention paid to nurturing the strong growth potential of smaller businesses.