Marco Meyer, Managing Director at SymQ (member of the Hanse Orga Group), and Bart Parren, Managing Director at Hanse Orga International, discuss the advantages of seamless integration between treasury and ERP systems. 


Bart Parren, Managing Director | Hanse Orga International

It has always made sense for treasurers to integrate their treasury management systems into their company’s ERP systems. However, missing functionalities on an ERP level and an entrenched, decades-long desire to maintain independence from company accounting divisions has impeded treasuries from integrating their treasury systems with their ERP.

At the same time, much of the essential data treasurers need to manage their company’s cash positions — such as payables and receivables, orders, payment history, and bank statements — are housed in the corporate ERP system. By integrating these systems, treasurers can get a holistic view, improve efficiency — and make their jobs easier. As an example, by accessing the payment record of customers and seeing which are consistently late, treasurers can improve their company’s cash-forecasting position.

Modern, integrated systems provide specialized treasury-management functions and seamless alignment with the ERP. This reduces the risk associated with interfaces and provides standardized master data, plus the opportunity for improved user experience by using modern User Interface technology. And by working with a specialist in ERP integration, solutions are leaner and faster to implement while still being fully embedded in the central ERP.

As one of the largest SAP treasury integrators, Hanse Orga Group offers treasurers the expertise and experience they need to optimize their company’s liquidity, hedge against risks and invest excess cash. 

Marco Meyer, Managing Director | SymQ


With S/4HANA being no longer a grey and dreary software system, SAP treasury and cash management systems have been updated to give busy corporate treasurers a user-friendly experience to manage their cash positions from anywhere in the world.

With an integrated system, treasurers can easily access the data they need to manage cash flows, ensuring that they can pay their company’s bills at the end of the month and manage financial and foreign exchange risk. “And treasurers can obtain the information in real time, with appealing visuals,” says Bart Parren, Managing Director at Hanse Orga International.

For those treasury departments that want to maintain their independence from corporate accounting and their information technology colleagues, Hanse Orga Group also provides a cash management solution for an SAP HANA (SAP’s cloud-based database analytics platform) side-car approach, explains Meyer, who notes that the approach also can be used if the whole company is not yet on S/4HANA.

Founded in Hamburg, Germany, more than 30 years ago, Hanse Orga Group is focused on providing solutions to help companies enhance their financial supply chain management. It operates offices throughout Europe, the United States and Asia. SymQ and the recent acquisition e5 Solutions are the specialized SAP Treasury consulting entities of Hanse Orga Group. With a roster of nearly 200 consultants and working together with a strong international partner network, the Group is best placed to help clients to successfully implement solutions for their complex Global Treasury projects.

“We have lots of experience in SAP and lots of experience in treasury,” says Marco Meyer, Managing Director at SymQ. “We are the most seasoned integrators in the field, and that’s very important.”