NBAD stands out as the leading FX bank in the Middle East due to its clear and concentrated strategy, focusing first and foremost on the MENA region and extending this along the bank's "West-East corridor" to target FX markets from Asian and African to Europe.

The depth of our focus in our chosen markets allows us to concentrate our resources and know-how in a very calculated manner affording us the ability to deliver not only top quality liquidity in those chosen markets but also the associated coverage and advisory services to our clients.
In addition to this complementing our FX services we have developed our proprietary E-Commerce platform, “Emerald,” which provides our client base with real-time access to FX and Money Markets

David Wilkins; Executive Director &
 Head of Global Markets E-Commerce

Global Finance: What makes NBAD stand out as the leading FX bank?

Wilkins: We believe our value proposition makes us a premier institution, not only for Foreign Exchange, but also for Cash Management. Our proprietary E-Commerce platform, “Emerald,” provides real-time access to the best FX and Money Market pricing in the region. Our core franchise allows us to warehouse risk in the MENA currencies. NBAD Emerald offers single-point access to multiple markets, with efficient, end-to-end workflow management of all transactions.

GF: What are some of NBAD Emerald’s other features?

Wilkins: Emerald provides access to FX and Money Markets execution. Our FX services provide streaming hedging facilities in Spot, Forward, and Swaps in all deliverable currencies as well as NDFs. Historical trade blotter capabilities and access to macro-economic research, trend analysis and market volatility reports are also included along with live news feeds. We have plans to further extend capabilities to other asset classes such as Futures, Options and selected Fixed Income products. The opportunities and strategic direction is always bench- marked with our client requirements.

GF: How does your strategic location between East and West affect your FX business?

Wilkins: Our Head Office in Abu Dhabi is a great location to look East as well as West. It straddles over half of the Asian-Pacific trading day along with most of the active hours in Europe and the Americas. We have key hub locations in both London and Hong Kong servicing our customers globally with emphasis along the “West East Corridor,” a high-growth region stretching from West Africa to East Asia. Our regional clients are increasingly looking at Africa and Asia as growth alternatives to the traditional Western Markets. In addition to this many of our international clients operating in the Middle East also operate in Asia and Africa further enhancing NBAD’s FX business.

GF: Has your strong credit rating, as one of the world’s safest banks, helped to attract and retain clients in these uncertain times?

Wilkins: As a leading bank in the Middle East, NBAD has a deep understanding of the dynamics of the region. NBAD guarantees the liquidity of its notes by acting as a market maker at all times. Since the financial crisis, counterparty credit risk has become a central consideration in how our clients, particularly those engaging in long-term hedging on an uncollateralized basis, allocate their business. Moreover, when engaging for the first time with institutions who are not familiar yet with us or the Middle East, our rating provides an immediate reference not only of the strength of our balance sheet but also of the corporate governance we have in place. Our strong credit profile has helped us attract deposits internationally from Financial Institutions. View our video by clicking here.



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