Trump, Clinton and their surrogates fanned out across battleground states to boost voter turnout among likely supporters as polls showed the race tightening.

Trump leads in Arizona and Texas, GOP strongholds where Democrats have tried to advance, while he and Clinton are tied in Georgia.

A British court put a hurdle in the country's route out of the EU, ruling that Prime Minister May can't start the process without approval from Parliament.

The Bank of England, in a surprise shift, played down the odds of further rate cuts soon, reassessing the Brexit decision's initial impact on the nation's economy.

Turkish authorities detained the leaders of the country's pro-Kurdish party in the early hours Friday.Thousands of residents fled Mosul as Iraqi forces opened up a major road so people could escape the fighting with Islamic State.

A clash with the Taliban in Kunduz province left two U.S. special-forces troops and at least 30 Afghans dead.

South Korea's leader said she is willing to face questioning by prosecutors amid a political scandal.

Lebanon's new president asked former Prime Minister Hariri to form the nation's next government.

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November 04, 2016 02:47 ET (06:47 GMT)

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